Procedural City Generation.

Relief Mapping Buildings

a: Base Texture  b: Normal Mapping c: Relief Mapping

In order to simulate additional geometry, that is not present in the basic building meshes generated by citygen, relief mapping is used. Normal mapping can be used as a solution to add detail to the shading of an object, notice how image ...

GDTW Paper

GDTW 07 logoI presented a paper at GDTW in Liverpool titled 'Citygen: An Interactive System for Procedural City Generation'. The paper provides an overview of the system describes in some detail the concepts of adaptive roads, city cell extraction, road growth and snapping algorithms. The accompanying presentation illustrates the application of these concepts in the citygen app and includes video capture demonstrations.

GDTW07 Presentation GDTW07 Paper
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Collada Export Complete

The COLLADA format provides a common format to share scene data between tools and enable Citygen to be easily integrated into the development pipeline. Collada is suppported to some degree in all of the following 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Deep Exploration (^shown above), Lightwave and XSI.

Update: Plugins are available for both 3ds Max and Maya from feelingsoftware that make importing and exporting Collada documents simple. The builtin ...

Lot Division

The lot division algorithm works by subdividing each region using a deviated perpendicular bisector of the longest side. Two or more polygons can result from the operation and subdivision is continued recursively until a target lot size is reached. Lots that do not have direct road access are excluded from the final set.

Problems were encountered with the realism of the resulting output. The algorithm worked fine for ...

Another Poster at Siggraph

Siggraph 07 logoI have another poster at Siggraph this time titled 'Interactive City Generation'. The poster shows some of the work that I have implemented including the new lot division code and road generation. The poster is a little short on detail but it is only an overview. There is also a short section and building screenshot of the Shape Grammar work graham is doing.

Siggraph07 Poster Siggraph 07 Poster Abstract
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Citygen Preview

The citygen application is usable at the moment but I'm only beginning to work with it so much better results should be possible in a few weeks.

The primary road network roads are terrain adaptive and plotted to optimum routes around hills, etc. Within enclosed regions of the primary road network, secondary roads are generated using a parametric organic growth algorithm. I've submitted an abstract for ...

Procedural City Generation Survey

I have written a survey paper for publication in the ITB Journal that outlines the existing approaches to procedural city generation and provides a discussion into the merits of each approach. All references are included so it should be a useful paper to begin research into procedural city generation.

A Survey of Procedural Techniques for City Generation
  • Introduction into Procedural Techniques
  • Grid Based Layout
  • L-systems
  • Agent Based Simulation
  • Voronoi and Template Based techniques
  • Shape Grammars

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