Procedural City Generation.

Poster at Siggraph

Siggraph 06 logoI have a poster at Siggraph titled 'Interactive Generation of Cities for Real-Time Applications'. The poster illustrates our current research in city generation, we provide an outline of a solution using a combination of techniques including templates and L-systems. Road pattern templates are applied in the form of an editable graph and growth algorithms like L-systems are used to create a complete road network.

Siggraph06 Poster Siggraph 06 Poster Abstract
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Extract diagrams from pdf - pdf2svg

PDFs are the primary format for research papers and are used for many other publications as well. It is possible to get diagrams in a friendly usable format with the aid of a few tools

Why bother? Its easy to get a screenshot of a pdf diagram but there are problems.

  1. Resampling bitmaps in diagrams is very lossy and file size bloats considerably when over sampling.
  2. Images do ...

wxWidgets, wxAui & Ogre3D friends with a native cursor.

I've found a solution to using a native mouse cursor for ogre. I'm going to use wxWidgets & Ogre together by passing a pointer to the wxWindow into the createRenderWindow as a param titled "externalWindowHandle".

This approach is available as a non working sample from the source based release of ogre. Also more recently used in the Mage project to create a visual scene editor for Ogre ...